I am Not Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl: my guilty pleasure.

Sung to the tune of I’m so Superman (theme song to Scrubs). I’m no Gossip Girl.

GGSomeone once questioned why we call it “guilty pleasure.” Why should one be guilty for enjoying something they love? They’re right.

Before I begin, I have to warn you that there are major spoilers ahead. I am going to reveal the ending.


Gossip Girl is about rich spoiled brats who scheme with and against their on/off friends and significant others and outsiders. The characters are terrible people, but they have depth, and the soap opera twists are good.

I started it in high school and just now finished it (my high school graduation was 2008). I loved the show then, and I love it now. Why am I writing my post about Gossip Girl? Because Dan Humphrey (a character who is a writer) and the stories around him inspired me to get back into writing, and I have delved in deeper than I had hoped into my potential story for NaNoWriMo 2017. That makes it about writing and thus, the post belongs here.

But this isn’t a review because I watch Gossip Girl for the pretty people. This is me appreciating how ingeniously twisted the whole thing was and wondering how I didn’t see it coming. Granted, I am not one to attempt to predict the endings, so I wouldn’t know if some subconscious part of me did see it coming. Although even up to the very last second of mystery, I thought it was someone else. And to be honest, I don’t think I ever cared who Gossip Girl was; I really was just watching pretty people plot revenge.

That all is just an excuse for me not foreseeing the ending. DUH! Dan’s a writer! And this post is an excuse for me to procrastinate without feeling guilty because I am technically still writing.

And it’s based on a book series which I don’t plan on reading because I’d rather watch pretty actors play petty than read about it petty teenage characters. Again, still relevant to this blog; it involves books.

***SPOILER: I am also going to SPOIL Bones ***

TV shows are good for my writing. For example Bones was a big inspiration for my 2013 NaNo novel. In 2015 I was still watching Bones, and one of the new characters became an inspiration for my NaNo 2015 character. And in between, watching Bones helped me get back into editing the 2013 novel.

While I’m reviewing TV shows, that last season of Bones was a let down. I love that show, and that last story line let me down. I really wanted Zack to be as convoluted as you thought he was going to be in the first episode of the last season.

One small story line from Smallville has inspired my upcoming 2017 novel. I’m not taking a whole story; just a premise that is probably not original to Smallville: memory wiping. I hope it will be grand in my novel.

My Hopes and Dreams

I want to collect art and throw parties and tell people about the painter. *Cue snobby rich person accent* “Sir Charlie Rosenburg. Did you know he’s an American? How did he get to be called ‘Sir’ you ask? Well he got one million likes on his post, and parliament had to knight him. And that was just one million followers from England alone. This painting is of his dog who he calls Sir Mumford. He knighted the dog himself.”

I want to donate to and foster homeless dogs.

How will I do that? Write one best selling novel after another. Or get discovered from this blog and do a million little writing projects for pay. Or keep dreaming.

I hope you’ll love me (my writing).

Gossip Girl (Not)

Random thought: Gossip Girl but with dogs.

Spotted, Reese the chocolate lab and Champ the stray mutt sniffing butts. Reese had his collar on, but where was his human?