Unfortunately Fortunate


I have finally completely finished A Series of Unfortunate Events: a feat I have attempted many times since I fell in love with the very first book as a child. Such misery and darkness, it was great!  A feat the first time because it was a book on my teacher’s shelf that I could not take home with me. A feat the second because I still did not have the books and was borrowing them from the library one at a time, and then I got distracted.

I still can’t believe they are children’s books, but that they are, which made it easy to read on the job. If you’re looking for something that can easily be read while surrounded by distractions like on a bus or in a meeting, this is the series for you. Even if you’re not surrounded by distractions, read the series. But as the author warns you throughout the pages, it is full of misery, and he is right. I nearly cried, so be prepared when jumping into these books. It’s not all sad though, there’s humor in it, and I love it! Yes, the author talks to you sometimes, so take that into consideration. I like a lot of books where either the narrator or the character talks to the reader.

As you can see from the photo above, I do not have the complete collection, and I didn’t when I started re-re-reading it. My boyfriend has a… Kindle, and I… began the re-reading on that. I know, it hurts me, but you think I could afford to buy all thirteen books? I even tried to get the books on the cheap at Half Price Books (as you can tell). We scoured Half Price Books all over the city, and they seem to only go up to the tenth book (conspiracy! or it’s gained popularity because of Netflix). I read what I found, and the rest, I begrudgingly read on the Kindle.

An unfortunate event happened on my travels that led to something fortunate. While I packed physical books on my trip, one day, I only took the Kindle out with me with the intention of reading The Series of Unfortunate Events on the bus. But it was not there. I don’t know what happened. I fell asleep watching Netflix on it; maybe I accidentally deleted it all in my sleep. I still don’t know what happened, but I knew then that I was right to begrudgingly succumb to the technology.


Despite my grudge against the Kindle erasing the books I wanted to read, I did fortunately, find something else to read that did not get deleted: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which was funny but something I would much rather read in book form in a quiet space. I found out later that it is only book one of a series (I seem to get myself trapped in series a lot). I finished the first book, and it definitely is not a stand-alone, but it made me laugh and distracted me from the fact that my reading of Unfortunate Series was interrupted again. Once I finish the Hitchhiker’s series, that will need its own post.

Final thoughts on the Kindle:

Pros (UGH!):

  • Travel (even though I still pack physical books)
  • Readable in low light like when you’re on a plane and don’t want to disturb your sleeping neighbor or when the lights at work suck
  • It’s easy to disguise the fact that I am reading on the job because I don’t have to hold it, and I can easily tell corporate that whatever is on the screen is for work


  • Technology is finicky: Like when the Unfortunate Series disappeared from the system
  • Staring at the screen even when it’s unlit hurts my eyes
  • It is not a book!
  • And I cannot count the pages left in a chapter

Since I’ve decided to put more commitment into this blog, I made stickers! My Treats and Sweets Fundraiser for Pet Partners is still going on, so click here and donate at least five bucks, and I will send you one of these bad boys! It’s got a dog on it; everyone loves dogs! Help me help therapy animals!

Blog Stickers

Speaking of Commitment, My Current Projects:

  • I’ve been submersed in books written by other people because my own writing is such a mess that I don’t even know how to turn it into a coherent story. Do you ever let your place just get so messy because you’re working 24 hour shifts, and when you finally have a second to look at it, you don’t want to, and by the time you decide you should clean it, it’s already time to go back to work? That’s how I feel about my writing right now.
  • I finally thought to search the public library to get a hold of Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps. I can’t say for sure, but my current plan is to write about that in my next post which will delve into my personal life a bit which includes my writing.

Comment below to let me know if anyone is out there reading my stuff. Tell me (nicely) what you dislike about how and what I write or what I am doing right here. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but I want this blog to be something.

Help me blog better!


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