Projects Overload


My most important project right now: raising money for Pet Partners, a nation wide non-profit organization that trains and registers therapy animals and their humans. The idea is to “sell” baked goods to raise money for these animals, but I’ve been doing more of a “donate and get your prize when we both have time to schedule a pick up.”

Cupcakes (baked by and approved by me) are involved for those of you local to San Antonio or are able to make the trip at some point during this fundraiser. Find “Jess’s Treats and Sweets Fundraiser” on Facebook for updates and more details on donor goodies for those not local. To donate online, go to the website pictured above.

Next up, since I am now in the business of supporting others, I have been forced to join (correction: graciously invited to join) a podcast where we talk about all kinds of nerdy stuff, and then we get off topic and make all kinds of inappropriate jokes; it’s a wonderful time! totpodIf you listen to this podcast AND found your way to this blog or vice-versa, I will mail you a TOTPOD (Thinking Outside The POD) sticker! Just leave a comment or message me here. 

You can hear the sound of my voice here among those who graciously let me join their group. You can also follow us on Twitter @totpod which we are planning to use more often! Keeping up with this weekly podcast and talk of being more prevalent on social media has inspired me to also better keep up with this blog so that I can shamelessly plug it into the podcast. Brilliant!

The plan for Doggy Paddling Through Words: I want to update biweekly because weekly is too much for something like this, and I can’t read that fast. I’ve been reminiscent of my college film club days lately, so the plan is every other Thursday starting now. I figure I’ll alternate between book reviews and updates on my personal projects.

This makes my New Year’s resolution of disconnecting moot because how do I get this blog out there without cross promotion across all social media? And the podcast demanded I reactivate my Twitter, so I can cross promote for them as well. I should clarify, this podcast consists of my boyfriend and his two friends who have become good friends of mine, so I kid when I say things like “forced” and “demand.” The podcast is a lot of fun. Anyway, how else is an introvert supposed to gain a following for this blog if I don’t stay connected to the world without leaving my home?

So in honor of my (now moot) resolution, I went through and deactivated a lot of my online accounts. What I didn’t delete/reactivated: here’s my plug.

  • @jesswiththedogs on Instagram, lots of pictures of my dogs among other awesome things.
  • @jesswriting on Twitter which I’ve only used to distract myself during NaNoWriMo season. My boyfriend gave me a great idea for this NaNo season though, follow and stay tuned! Until then, I want to tweet clever things.
  • My personal blog on Tumblr, where I ramble about things in my life other than writing though also not kept up with very well. But my latest post is a comparison between dogs’ lives on opposite ends of the world.
  • I also kept my Youtube channel full of my stupid little films I did in college. I can tell you I don’t have much planned for this (I am thinking about it though), but I do want to do more films, so if someone has an idea or needs my help, I am all ears.
  • I also have this fairly obscure one called Listography. It is literally what is sounds like. I’ve made lists of things just for myself to remember, but if you wish to see my life in lists, here it is.
  • If you wish, you can even find me on NaNoWriMo: I am jess.szeto.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I am revisiting another old NaNo project about three different women and how their lives are connected. This one’s from 2015. That is a terrible log line, but that’s all I got right now, but here’s the cast I made up via Google images.


And here’s a project I did finish but only the first draft: a TV job board/card game because I don’t get enough frustration at the job itself! I call it TV RPG: a card game. The cards are completed as far as what they do goes, but they still need to be tweaked and illustrated.

Next blog post should be about the unfortunate incident that led to the fortunate incident of me reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


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