A Broken Promise, Writing, Christmas!, and Future Endeavors


I know, I know, I promised a review on the Suck It Up sequel, but I have yet to finish that book, and I’m not sure I will. While I am curious how it will end and the premise is interesting, the story is going slow, and the words are dry. The main character is heartbroken, and I do not feel it. I may get to a review if I do finish it, but I’m going to go ahead and say it may not happen, so don’t hold your breath.

As pattern predicted, I did not win this year’s NaNoWriMo. Final score: 33,577. Not bad, and my story is not completely throw-away. Even if most of it is trash, I did come out with stronger writing muscles, so I started a restructuring of my first NaNo winner story from 2013, so I’m hoping to find an ending to that one soon.


Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I have the time to think about my other November project which is writing what I am thankful for. Usually I do 30 days of thanks in November, but this year, I decided to put 100% of my focus on my novel. I was hoping to get my thankful list done December 1st, but naturally, I’ve procrastinated. I am still working on it, but hopefully soon, it will end up on my Tumblr page which I will post when I have something to show.

From one artistic hole to another, it’s Christmas, and I started this tradition of painting ornaments thanks to Pinterest and my mom’s old art supplies.

I do take small donations if you’d like me to paint you one. The donation is just so I can make a little extra cash for the holidays, and I call it a “donation” to avoid copyright issues (I do not own any of the characters I paint). Just contact me. Above are just a few that I’ve painted last year and the year before. You can see more on the Facebook page. Just search for “The Ornament Office.”

My Future Endeavors:

  • I thought about expanding this blog, but I am not sure I have enough material to keep it up. I would add movies and new TV shows, maybe even music albums from artists I regularly listen to like Childish Gambino who came out with a new non-rap album, and I have mixed feelings about it (you can find it on Spotify).

    Then I think, I don’t watch too many movies too often. I only watch one or two new TV shows because I hate waiting for new seasons to come out. Probably not going to happen. I did watch Arrival and then found out it was based on a short story, so I may do a review on the short story and the movie all in one post.

  • I may or may not have given up trying to make money blogging because it seems to involve a lot of tedious work, and if it doesn’t fall in my lap, I don’t want it.
  • I had a strange dream about some co-workers, and it was a disappointing ending before my alarm woke me up, but I found the whole thing interesting enough to try to concoct a short story out of it. Maybe you, my readers, if you exist, will get to read it someday, hopefully soon.

Until next time.


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