House of Leaves and NaNoWriMo

First, House of Leaves.

This book has left me with so many emotions on so many different dimensions, I don’t know if I would recommend it or not. I believe it has a cult following, and I don’t know where I could fit in in that cult.

The book starts off normal enough: an introduction of characters and story. Then the book starts to look like this or some other form of distorted text format.


I got through it, but here’s your warning with what you’d be getting yourself into if you pick up this book. I know they had it on some of the front tables at Barnes and Noble for a while. Go in, pick it up, flip through it.

What’s it about? The character is going through a chest of writing material which leads him on another research endeavor to learn about the writer of said material. Interesting because the book is basically a compilation of the found written material with occasional footnotes from the character as well as from this book’s editor. The found writing is essentially an analysis of a film made by a man about a mysterious hallway that seems to distort in his new family home. There’s a mystery there. Is the house really distorting itself?

It does get confusing with all the footnotes and the levels of story. You got the found film research which I as a member of my college film club enjoy. Then you have the character who found the papers making his own notes and telling you his life story along the way because the notes he found are haunting him; he’s obsessed. And while you’re reading the film research, you get the story of the filmmaker and his family; they’re falling apart because the house seems to be falling apart. I had fun reading it. It was like a puzzle trying to read from main text to footnote back to the right place in the main text, and I like puzzles.

Just don’t expect a solid resolution to any of the stories. If I remember right, there was an answer to the mysteries of the house, but I found it to be not as great an answer as I had hoped. But by all means, buy the book, borrow it from your public library. I enjoyed reading it, and it’ll be a feat of a book to have read. It’s a fun life story/speculation type of story.

All the layers in the story probably help with the word count. Speaking of…


It’s that time of year again – NaNoWriMo!


There’s still a month to go, but October is my panic month. The month where I dump my box of writing all over my living room floor in hopes that one will float up and tell me, “This is the story you must write. Pick me!” Before I made a mess of the living room that I am soon to move out of, I did a smaller scale of that like just going through my computer notes and some select idea notebooks. Before that I was playing around with a fresh idea that I hadn’t thought of before:

An app that kills, but no one knows that’s what it is doing. I brainstormed a lot of ways to go about it, but I haven’t committed to any of it, so I basically have nothing, but the best way I can explain it is this: What if Pokemon GO was programmed to make people walk into traffic? We assumed this person was being dumb, yes, but what if the game sent signals to the brain, so that this person couldn’t not walk into traffic even if they had saw that’s what they were doing? Anyway, it involved a lot of tech knowledge that I do not have because I am the worst millenial ever. I suppose this story would be the time to embrace my millenialism and learn all about relying on new technologies. While I have not committed to this app story, I have not completely discarded it.

I think I found my 2016 story though. This one metaphorically floated up and talked to me. It’s a mix of my 2013 and 2015 NaNo novels: Super powers and dissociative identity disorder but unrelated to those novels. I haven’t come up with my synopsis yet, so that’s all you get. It is likely this is the story I am committing to, but I am still leaving the door open for another project should one pop up between now and the kick off.

Reading wise, I am still at the beginning of the sequel to Suck it Up, entitled Suck It Up and Die. The story is moving along slowly, and my will to read has been overshadowed by my need to write, so I’m not sure if you’ll hear from me before NaNoWriMo officially ends unless I use this blog to procrastinate.

Until then, Folks!