The Move, The Redesign, My Millennial-ism

If you read the last post before this, I’m sorry, I lied. This is not the one of the two parter vampire book review I promised. But I did start the aforementioned vampire book.

And I have to give credit to a good friend of mine, Ben Johnson for helping me with the new blog title. I mean I came up with the words myself, but he gave me the idea to use them for my title, so thanks Ben!

I recently skimmed through a post about making money blogging, so now I know everything, and I am going to be rich. [Think Dwight from The Office] FALSE! As I mentioned in “My Hope for this Blog,” a little extra cash would be nice, so that’s why the big move to Word Press which allows me to create pages (like my projects page, so you guys can see what I’m working on should you care) rather than confine me to strictly blog posts, and all the cool kids are using Word Press.

I have a love/hate relationship with technology and the millennial times we’re in. I love it because yes, sometimes it makes life easier. For example I can email customer service to avoid useless small talk. However, every time a new operating system comes out, everything I’ve been doing on my computer or on my phone is flipped and twisted, and the buttons I used to push now do all new things.

When it comes to technology, I am a ninety year old grandma, and I refuse to get with the ever-changing times. Except I am realizing now, I should probably keep up because it’s not going to stop until the robots take over and kill us all. Until then, I am not going to be a very good candidate to employ if I don’t embrace my millennial-ism. Another good thing about this technological period is that there are now a lot of non-scam ways to make legit money (like blogging). Through some extensive Pinterest-ing, I have also found that you can be an online mock juror, a virtual assistant, an online transcriber, and more.

While I used to think I wanted to direct TV news, I am now being hit with the hard fact that no one watches news on TV anymore, and it’s only a matter of time before TV news stations are about as dead as printing presses. I still love doing my job, but let’s be real, a layoff will happen way before retirement. And I’m pretty under-paid.

While trying to figure out my next career move, I came across those virtual jobs and am still researching how to make money off of this blog. It’s not exactly that I don’t know what I want to do with my life. My problem is that I want to do it alone without having to talk to people. That’s not plausible unless I have a personal PR person, but I also have trust and control issues. This is why I’m stuck in life.

What I want to do:

  • Open a cupcake shop (maybe a virtual one) – I need business sense and marketing, and who wants cupcakes that have been sitting in the mail for two days?
  • Write a book, publish, make a decent income off said book. First I have to finish a project, and I need income while I’m writing for free.
  • Foster dogs: I can handle talking to people at the animal shelter, but this is not a money making job (also, apartment pet restrictions); it’s volunteer work, so there it is. I need a job that gives me enough time and money to foster dogs on the side.

Some other options:

  • Dog training (need money to learn and get certified).
  • Keep financially breaking even until I publish a project. This is if I know I’m going to write something great. I have my doubts. Again, a layoff will probably happen  before I even finish a first draft of a project.

This is not me complaining. This is me knowing exactly what is wrong and refusing to fix my unwillingness to reach out to people.

What I’m going to do: keep thinking about it and in the meantime, continue being under-paid while working odd online jobs on the side like maybe that transcriber job. I also signed up for Rover to dog sit in my area, and those jobs come in once every couple of months (If you’re interested in becoming a dog-sitter through Rover, let me know – I get a $50 Amazon gift card for referring new sitters, help a girl out OR if you’re in San Antonio and need a dog-sitter). I’m also working on my stock photography for Shutterstock. Maybe I’ll rack up enough online jobs to be able to just work them all from home and call it a day.

Before I go, quick not-so-much-a-review: I finally finished Game of Thrones! If you’ve read previous posts, I’ve already given a generalized review on book one. What I do not like about it is that the book is blatantly incomplete. Yes, I get it, it’s one in an entire series, but I believe even in a series, each book should be able to stand alone. Yes, I like the stories and would like to read the rest of the books, but not right away because they will require my undivided attention, and my attention is currently in a million pieces. If they were horcruxes, we would never get to them all even if the whole world was involved.

I shall now leave you until I figure out how my book reviews will stand out enough to rake in some green. Good day.