The Martian by Andy Weir

A book for the space nerds. I am fascinated by space, but I know jack shit about it, and all I have are the images that TV news and Hollywood CGI have given me. You don’t have to be a space nerd to enjoy this book.

It is about a botanist astronaut who gets abandoned on Mars and plants potatoes to survive. Sounds lame, right? Wrong! I gave it a lame synopsis, but it is actually a thrilling novel.

I was a little skeptical in the beginning because there was a lot of math and science talk that I only half understood, but I kept reading with every other word going over my head, and “The Martian” is a an entertaining jokester. He’s a funny character. I also imagined Matt Damon reading to me, so that may or may not have influenced my opinion of the book.

Nonetheless, it was a good story, and while I did not understand all the math and science, I can certainly appreciate the details that provided the suspension of disbelief. Descriptive imagery, so it’s not hard to imagine his surroundings.

This is a hit or miss for people, but I enjoy the change in point of view in books because it gives you a little bit more to the story, and that is what Weir did. Not only do you get Mark Watney’s thoughts on how utterly fucked he is, but you also get to know what’s going on in Mission Control as they discuss how pretty much screwed he is. I can see the movie playing out in my head even though I haven’t seen it yet.

I had a hard time keeping up with all the characters in play (which is a problem I have with Game of Thrones as well), but every character had their part. It is a story about NASA putting people on Mars after all. And of course press is all over the story of Mark Watney, so that was part of the book, and I liked that because I could imagine myself keeping up with the Mark Watney story. Really, I’d probably be running audio during this story and be so enthralled, I’d forget to turn an anchor mic on.

I’d recommend this book and warn you to be wary of the math and science talk involved, but assure you it’s a good read.

I picked up this book because I found out that it had started out as a blog, and I imagine a pretty good one.

And now, all I can think about is starting a story blog of my own in hopes to turn it into a real story. So far, I got jack shit because the writing process is the same no matter the platform. I jump in and write, and then I start overthinking and stop writing.

Where am I as far as writing goes? I’ve got even more open projects, and none are close to done.

Next up for reading, Gone Girl. I finished The Martian just in time to bring it back to the library today and Gone Girl jumped out at me, and the book’s on my list and just got bumped up to the top of it.

Until next time.


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