Summer! 2015

It seems for now, this has inadvertently been made a seasonal blog though I hoped it to be more. I guess I fell off the reading wagon. I’m also still working on Mortal Remains and Game of Thrones. I’m almost done with Mortal Remains, and it’s an enjoyable book, but since I have such a short attention span, I’ll put down the book and not get back to it for weeks and then get lost in the mystery because I can’t remember the details I read weeks ago. There are three bodies, and I have lost track of which one the detectives identified, so at this point, I’m just reading to finish the book and for the story of the characters’ personal lives. I’ve come to the realization that when it comes to the mystery and investigative genres, I’d much prefer to watch them on TV than to read them in novels.

The same probably goes for epic novels like Game of Thrones, but I’ve been good about remembering the characters’ whereabouts even though I’ve been working on that for practically a year now. I can’t say I will finish the book series any time soon though.

It’s summer now, and this will be my third year participating in the summer reading program here. I’ve got a Literary Disco reading list, and going through those books and then listening to the podcasts, I like to think of it as being in a book club with Rider Strong and his friends. I also have a Rory Gilmore reading list that I found on Pinterest. I actually would like to watch Gilmore Girls again to confirm the books on the list.

Anywho, this summer, I will be participating in the book club with Rider Strong by attempting to go through the books they have reviewed on Literary Disco. I’ve done the research and a lot of them are not available at the library, so I may switch over to the Rory Gilmore list or whatever book I feel like picking up in my collection.

For now, it’s Literary Disco, and I’m starting at the beginning when the podcasts started in 2012, Half a Life and then possibly Sweet Valley High. After finishing up Mortal Remains though.

As far as writing goes, I only made a little progress this past weekend after a long bout of not looking at that story because I had this crazy idea of creating comics, one based on one of my favorite dogs at the shelter whose spent her puppy hood there and still remains there. I have every intention of finishing up a story in that comic series and finishing up the Jamie and Ryan, my 2013 NaNo novel.