Where I’ve Been

This blog hasn’t gone very public just yet, but I still feel bad for not keeping up, so this is my explanation.

For a while I was working on my Jamie and Ryan story, my NaNo 2013 novel, so I wanted my focus to be on that instead of on random writing prompts. Of course, my lack of motivation in general did not help.

As for the book reviews, I picked up an old book that I had read as a teenager, and it’s been slow-going this time around, Delirium. I’ll explain when I finally get done and review it. I’ll try to get it done within the next week.

And my writing focus kept going down, so the big reason I haven’t been here is because of a phone game called Ingress. It’s a fun interactive game, and I’ve been hanging out with people and running around town with my eyes on the screen of my phone.

This week, I’ve actually gotten back to creative town by doing some drawing and painting, so progress is going, though slowly.

Painted this for three of my friends who all moved in together who also all play Ingress.

I even came up with a new story idea last night, so I’m making my way back to my writing. I’m going to continue keeping up with this blog to the best of my ability, and I’ve made some writing goals. I know I challenged myself to do writing prompts as they popped up on my social media accounts, and there have been plenty that I have neglected, but I would much rather focus on what needs to go in my stories.

My goals:

  • Have at least a complete outline of Jamie and Ryan before October 1st (I’ve gone back and rewritten and changed story lines way too many times). If my ambition kicks in any time soon, maybe a first complete draft.
  • Have a rough outline of a story for NaNo 2014 before, well, November.