Bright’s Passage by Josh Ritter

A Literary Disco book available at my local library.

I got through it just fine, but I did not particularly enjoy this book. Though some of the conversations between the angel and Henry Bright were mildly amusing especially when it seemed like he was just talking to a horse.

However, I am not a fan of someone doing something because an “angel” told them to. The angel is practically the character’s only motivation, and that is not a strong enough one for me.

The adventure he went on, running from the fire and from the colonel was an interesting one though. His journey and the memories of the war I enjoyed, but there wasn’t a very good reason for all of this to be happening. He stole the colonel’s daughter because an angel told him to, and same thing for starting a forest fire that threatened an entire town.

I like the idea of an angel wanting to dethrone God calling Henry’s baby the new King of Heaven because the angel believes they need a new “God,” but it was all talk from a horse. A fantasy fan myself, I would have liked to know what’s going on in Heaven to make this angel decide to come down looking for a new king.

There was also the unanswered question of why the colonel’s son were so unwelcome to the town. Ritter never told us why outside the shop window, the men were all of a sudden in a scuffle with the townsmen. From the implication of their characters in the rest of the book, maybe they started it, but it wasn’t very clear.

It was a well written story. Interesting enough if you want to hear Grandpa talk about his time in war and how he met the angel because that’s what it felt like to me.

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