I started this blog to review books for myself, so I can remember the stories I read and learn what I like and dislike in books to better my own writing.

I have read a lot of books throughout my life, and I can tell you the ones that I loved. Even though I remember loving certain books, I could not tell you what they were about. For example, I claim my favorite book is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, but the only thing I remember about the story is that the character was good with numbers, and he got a puppy somewhere in the middle. I remember loving it when I was reading it, but that’s it.

I loved His Dark Materials, a series by Philip Pullman, and I remember the emotions I had reading it, but I couldn’t summarize it very well for you.

I have three goals here in order of importance:

  1. To become a better writer through reading. Maybe gain some writing gigs along the way.
  2. To be able to back up my reading recommendations to people. I want to be able to tell you what this book is about and why you should read it.
  3. To gain a decent following because it will mean that my book review writing is good enough to draw you in, and that will take me one step closer to better writing.

My Reading Tastes

I am an on-the-go reader, as in, I take books with me every where I go, and should any waiting time arise, I read. These books have to be easy to read, so I can retain the story even if I’m surrounded by distractions. For example, A Series of Unfortunate Events: entertaining enough to keep my attention even though it is not undivided.

This is why it takes me longer to read books like Game of Thrones and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because those books require undivided focus in a quiet space, and that’s hard to come by sometimes.

While my reading is not limited to one genre, there is a pattern. I tend to move toward YA fantasy when roaming a book store: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, etc. I also seem to get myself trapped in series a lot. The fantasy is exciting, and the YA language makes them good books to take on-the-go.

That’s not to say other books in other genres and categories get a bad review. For example, I don’t think The Martian and Gone Girl are classified as Young Adult, and they’re not fantasy either, but I enjoyed both of those books as much as I enjoyed the Percy Jackson series. And hey, the two aforementioned are not series either!

I have also built a reading list around a podcast I found called Literary Disco and I found a Rory Gilmore Reading List on Pinterest that I would like to get to eventually. A lot of books on these two lists are “undivided attention, quiet space” books.

Along with that, I also encourage…

Your Recommendations and/or Your Works 

I don’t have a huge following, but I am all for supporting other writers, so I’d be happy to give an honest review based on my interests as well as be objective even if the genre does not fit my usual taste.

I’d like to gain a good following and become something. Constructive feedback is welcome.